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Mace's system config...

PC-Configuration (LAN between to Wintels)

Intel Pentium 166 (overclocked >200) / 48Mb RAM running WIN95(plus!)/98
S3 Trio64-V2 DX/GX
Shared HD's: Seagate 1,2 Gb + HD Seagate 4,3 Gb
Network Card 10Mbit
33k6 Modem

Intel Pentium-II 35O / 64MB SDRAM running WIN98
Nvidia 128
Shared HD: Seagate 4,3 Gb
Network Card 10Mbit
Shared Iomega ZIP 100-drive

Shared printers: HP Deskjet 600 + HP Laserjet 4L with Lexmark Marknet PRO 1

PlayStation 750x series